NanoSurvey is a mobile first, location aware, customer experience and engagement tool.

It captures feedback from customers immediately after they visit, whether they purchase or not, while the experience is fresh. In your app. Without additional hardware.

The Old Way

Receipt-based system

Hours to days later
Purchasers only
Awkward 2-step process
Long, tedious surveys

Print your coupon after completing a long and tedious survey on our Website. Then remember to bring that printout back to the store to get a special discount! OR you could have quickly done this on your phone as you were leaving the store with NanoSurvey.


The NanoSurvey Way


Immediate, location-based feedback
Purchasers and non-purchasers
Streamlined, seamless process
Brief, easy surveys

What It Does


Collect feedback immediately after an experience or upon leaving a store.


Gather structured surveys, free-text comments, or rich media, like pictures, audio and video.


Capture feedback in bite-sized chunks, designed for small screens and brief interactions.


Enable personalized, 2-way communications.


Understand precisely when customers are in your stores, put feedback into the context of actual shopping behaviors, and comprehend the nature of shopping missions.


Link via API to your existing CRM, POS, Web and other databases to create a panoramic picture of how your customers shop and buy across channels.

In The Moment

Monitor NPS and your company’s KPI’s in real-time, quickly identify where and why a problem is occurring, and trigger automated rescue actions even before a bad review.

Accelerate Sharing of Knowledge

Send instantaneous alerts to key stakeholders and distribute verbatim customer comments, voice, video and photos to frontline staff.

How It Works


Embed NanoSurvey into your app and let us do the rest of the work. No new hardware. No kidding.


Integrate the NanoSurvey SDK into your app.


Complete a quick set-up process for your stores, which can be done at scale.


Establish data feeds via API, to and from your existing CSat, CRM and other databases. No personally identifiable information is held.


Shoppers opt-in, giving you permission to listen and learn while delighting and empowering them.


Activates automatically when the shopper nears your store.


Shoppers may be sent personal greetings, messages, or offers of something special just for them, shortly after they enter a store.


Captures feedback immediately after the experience, in-the-moment, or after a pre-determined delay.


Recognizes trends and outliers and quickly isolates where and why a problem is occurring.


Sends action-oriented alerts to front-line staff or to key stakeholders.

Revolutionary Technology.

Messages and surveys are triggered by our exclusive NanoFence™ technology – a bespoke, low-power geopositioning system for Android phones. Using a proprietary machine-learning algorithm, NanoFence creates and maintains accurate maps that can precisely detect shoppers entering and leaving a store by fusing data from multiple smartphone sensors.

Ordinary Geofence

  • Monitors movements in and out of large circular areas.
  • Cannot detect store entry or exit.
  • Events can be significantly delayed or missed entirely.
  • False store entry and exit detection can be frequent.

NanoFence™ Technology

  • Records precisely when customers are IN your stores, not just nearby.
  • Detects when and how long they are in the parking lot, checkout line or drive-thru, store entry and exit, and in-store behaviors.
  • Engineered for negligible battery drain and data usage.
  • Self-adapts and enhances over time.
  • Captures data even when no real-time data connection is available.
  • And it does all this without the need to add beacons or install and maintain any new hardware!

How It’s Different

Fully leveraging the power of your customers’ smartphones, NanoSurvey enables feedback that is location-specific, immediate and actionable. It was developed to enhance your relationship with your customers — understanding how they shop, how they are being served, and what they want.

Creating intense loyalty and having a dialogue with customers, without spamming them.

With our more than three decades of work in retail shopper insight, customer experience, and analytics software, we understand shopper behavior and consumer psychology. Our expertise, combined with the continuous feedback of NanoSurvey, can give your customers a voice, understand their offline shopping behaviors, learn the reasons for non-conversions, and provide new insights into their entire omnichannel experience.


Go Beyond Beacons and Geofences

We’ll help you set up a NanoSurvey-powered program that’s perfect for your shoppers, stores, existing CSat program and CRM. We start with strategies for communicating with shoppers and capturing their feedback. All you need to do is install NanoSurvey in your app.

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NanoSurvey® is a software service that provides subscribing retailers, grocers, and quick-serve restaurants an easily-accessible online compilation of statistical data reflecting retail consumer opinions, activity and real-time shopping behaviors.